Unbundled Services:

Holland Family Services offers “unbundled services.”  Unbundling allows the client to decide how much attorney assistance they require.  Some clients only require assistance with preparing and filing their documents.  Some need help understanding the legal effect of documents they have received.  With Unbundled Representation, your case gets broken down into specific tasks which can then be performed by the attorney or the client.  This allows the client to direct resources to the specific tasks that the client requires attorney assistance with. 

Examples of the types of services available in the “unbundled services” include:

  • In-depth consultation and legal advice
  • Develop a case plan
  • Draft pleadings or motions
  • Appear at court hearings
  • Mediation support
  • Draft proposed agreements
  • Review proposed agreements or negotiated settlements
  • Draft parenting plan/time-sharing schedules
  • Calculate child support
  • Calculate equitable distribution
  • Conduct discovery
  • Depose witnesses
  • Representation at hearings or trial