We believe that mediation can be an invaluable tool for families at any stage of a dispute. Mediation is a neutral place for parties to explore options and alternatives that are simply not available once the case is before a judge.

We believe that no-one is better qualified to make decisions about what is best for your family and your life than you are. Trial should be the last resort.

We believe that alternative dispute resolution is cost effective. You have far better uses for your hard-earned money than to spend thousands of dollars on unnecessary and unrewarding litigation. Every dollar spent on trial is one that could have gone to the benefit of your family.

We believe that alternative dispute resolution methods offer the most options for you and your family whether you choose to use the collaborative divorce method, mediation, parenting coordinators, or even binding arbitration with a private judge.

Adrienne is an experienced mediator who is trained in both traditional and transformative mediation techniques. Contact us today to find out more about how to apply alternative dispute resolution methods to your case.


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