Valuable and Cost-Effective


Family Mediation

Nobody is better equipped to make decisions about your family’s needs and best interests than you are.  Litigation and trial should be a last resort.  These days everyone has far better uses for their hard earned monies than to spend thousands of dollars for contentious, stressful, and unrewarding litigation.  Even if a party “prevails” at court, the Final Judgement often does not reflect what the party had in mind.  This is because someone else has made the decision for you and your family.

Mediation is a valuable and cost-effective tool that parties and lawyers should use to resolve issues outside of the courts.  Unlike money spent on litigation, every dollar spent on mediation goes directly towards providing relief to specific problems and crafting the best possible outcome for your family.  The mediation room is a neutral space that parties can use to develop ideas and explore options to resolve their cases.  The options that can be used to resolve a case in mediation are not available once your case goes before a Judge.

Adrienne is a strong, compassionate, and experienced mediator who is trained and educated in both evaluative and transformative mediation techniques.

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