Holland Family Services offers two kinds of representation that can be tailored to suit the needs and budget of each client.

  • Full Service representation is for clients who want a traditional lawyer-client relationship.  A lawyer is involved in every step of your case from consultation to post-judgment wrap up.  This kind of representation requires the highest level of attorney attention and time.  Many clients prefer full service representation because it alleviates stress and leaves more time to focus on family and work.
  • Unbundled Services allow the client to decide how much help the attorney will provide by dividing the case into discrete tasks that are assigned to either the client or the attorney.  This lets the client hire an attorney to do only the things that they need help with.  Examples of tasks that are common to most cases include:
    • consultation for legal advice
    • develop a case plan
    • draft pleadings or motions
    • appear at court hearings
    • mediation support
    • draft proposed agreements
    • review proposed agreements or negotiated settlements
    • draft parenting plan/time-sharing schedules
    • calculate child support
    • conduct discovery
    • depose witnesses
    • representation at hearings or trial

Holland Family Services uses a sliding scale to determine an hourly rate for each client.  We base our determination on your take-home income after obligations like taxes, child support, and alimony.